Lunch Menu


Garlic Bread $10 - With cheese $12

Garlic and thyme ciabatta bread grilled then drizzled with a sweet balsamic reduction.

Soup of the day $13

With toasted ciabatta bread

Breads $10

Baked baguette served with a balsamic reduction, avocado oil and parmesan cheese dipper.


Eggs anyway  $11.5

2 eggs cooked to your liking served on toasted ciabatta bread with an oven roasted
tomato. Topped with a drizzle of avocado oil.

add bacon – extra $4

Rendezvous Breakfast $22.5

Bacon, kransky (Carniolan) sausages, Portobello mushroom, oven roasted tomato, hash
browns and 2 fried eggs served on toasted ciabatta bread with a tomato chutney.

Eggs Benedict  $19.5

2 soft poached eggs served on a toasted muffin split with a Portobello mushroom and an
oven roasted tomato with your choice of either:

▪ Bacon
▪ Smoked salmon
▪ Sautéed spinach and hash brown

Sweet Pancake $23

Filled with grilled bacon and banana topped with maple syrup and a raspberry cream.

Savoury Pancake $23

Filled with avocado, caramelized onions, camembert cheese and your choice of either:
▪ Bacon
▪ Smoked salmon
Topped with hollandaise sauce, pesto, pickled vegetables and a sweet balsamic reduction.

Curry of the Day $23  

Served with a coconut pilaf rice and grilled naan bread. Topped with a Greek yoghurt.

Fish and chips $20

Tempura battered fresh fish served with fries, a garden salad, tomato and tartare sauce.

Pasta $23

Sautéed chicken strips, chorizo sausage, pumpkin, button mushrooms and red onion bound
in a cream sauce and tossed with penne pasta and baby spinach. Topped with pesto,
parmesan cheese and toasted ciabatta bread.

Beef and prawn salad $25 (gf) - without noodles

Sautéed prawns and angus pure beef strips mixed together with mesculin leaves, peppers,
red onion, carrot ribbons, mung beans and crispy noodles in a soy and sesame dressing.

Chicken salad $24.5 (gf) - without noodles

Chicken strips, bacon, peppers, red onion, button mushrooms, ginger and cashew nuts
sautéed together and served on a bed of mesculin leaves and crispy noodles. Topped with
a sweet Moroccan dressing.

Gratin (V) $17.5 - With Bacon $20 

Button mushrooms, red onion and baby spinach sautéed together in a garlic cream sauce
served on ciabatta bread, topped with cheese then grilled. Drizzled with a sweet balsamic

Paninis $15

Served with a garden salad.
▪ Bacon, Portobello mushroom, pesto, and camembert cheese
▪ Smoked chicken, cranberry and camembert cheese

Beef burger $22.5

Beef Pattie, bacon, cheese, pickled beetroot, tomato and mesculin on a ciabatta bun.
Topped with aioli and served with fries.



French Fries – small $7 large $12

With aioli & tomato sauce

Seasoned Potato Wedges – small $8 large $14

With sweet chilli and sour cream


Gluten free bread available for extra $2

(gf) Gluten free

(V) Vegetarian






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